Health & Safety

BS OHSAS 18001: 2007

This Policy statement is designed to outline our management’s commitment to controlling and managing all aspects of health and safety risks that are created as part of the company’s activities and daily operations. The company are committed to undertaking every reasonable effort and practice to ensure the protection of our identified interested parties’.

The company recognises that, not only do we have a legal duty under the HASAW74 and associated legislation but we also have a moral duty to ensure that the company’s activities do not bring harm, injury, ill health or damage to any of our identified interested parties personnel or buildings.

The company strongly believe that its employees are the most valuable asset within the organisation and as such deserve to be able to carry out their daily tasks with minimal risk to their health, safety, welfare and wellbeing.

In order for us to meet or exceed our responsibilities the management will:

  • Actively bring this Policy Statement to the attention of all employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders or any relevant or interested parties.

  • Provide suitable and sufficient site specific risk assessments, method statements, inspection forms or other information to enable our staff to carry out their works with minimal risk to their or others health, safety and wellbeing.

  • Carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify, and offer solutions to eliminate reduce and control any risks that may occur.

  • Communicate and consult with our employees on matters affecting their health, safety, welfare and wellbeing.

  • Comply with relevant international, national and local legal requirements, legislations, approved codes of practice, manufacturer information and industry or accreditation boards.

  • Encourage staff to identify and actively report hazards or risks using the close call procedure, contributing towards improving the health and safety culture within the organization.

  • Ensure that emergency procedures, equipment and or requirements are suitably controlled and briefed.

  • Provide suitable premises, welfare facilities, equipment, plant and vehicles which are maintained and tested as legislation dictates or by the manufacturers’ recommendations.

  • Provide adequate resources and equipment to control the health and safety risks that may arise from our works.

  • Make sure all parties have sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision.

  • Ensure all staff are competent to carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

  • Provide an organisational structure that defines the key roles and responsibilities regarding health and safety within the organisation.

  • Review, monitor and revise policies and procedures regularly via audits, management meetings, legislation and any other means that the company requires in an effort to continuously improve its organisational health and safety culture.