Is It Worth Investing In Electrical Vehicle Charging Points For Your Business?

EV or hybrid vehicles are regarded by many as the future of motoring. An increasing number of people are choosing to buy new electric cars - over two million electric vehicles are now being driven around the world - and approximately 14,000 charging stations are in the UK alone.

Clearly, it is not a fleeting trend and business’s that want to adapt to this and stay one step ahead of their competitors should be considering the installation of EV charging point stations on their premises.


Environmentally sound businesses are the future

Awareness of the devastating environmental impact of diesel and petrol vehicles has finally hit the mainstream. Electric vehicles are the future and for savvy companies, the benefits of adopting the facilities of the new technology are plain.

Making your business more attractive to consumers

As well as reflecting your company's core values as an environmentally friendly business, the improved service offering of EV charging stations will appeal to your consumer. As the electric vehicle industry continues to burgeon, the impetus to provide your customers with added services so that they are more likely to choose you over your competitor is vital in these times.

Offering EV charging solutions increases customers "dwell time" and subsequent spending, simultaneously meeting their demands of EV drivers arriving at their destinations. If your business is the type of company that stands to benefit from an increase in footfall, investing in electrical charging point stations is worth it to upgrade amenities and future-proof your premises.

Making your business more attractive to employees and clients

Attracting and keeping the right employees is also vital for your business. Employers must start to think seriously about supporting those that are choosing EV. Your staff will enjoy instant peace of mind as they will no longer have to worry about finding the nearest charging station or the worst-case scenario of their car running out of power in the middle of a journey.

Ease of management

As the business owner, you will have full control over who can access your electrical vehicle charging points. Moreover, with the latest technology, such as Dynamic Load Balancing and installation by experienced professionals at Whitestar, you need not worry about grid overload, as available electricity is evenly and automatically distributed to all the charge points that are connected. Our advanced load management system enables the safe charging of multiple charging units, without adversely affecting the inbound power capacity.

Why choose us?

It's clear that integrating electrical charging points for cars into your business premises can provide a range of benefits.

However, it is vital to enlist expert electrical contractors to implement the charging points too. If you are looking for quality electric charging point installation services for your business, look no further. Whitestar Solutions will be with you every step of the way; from initial advice to installation and aftercare.

Our technicians are all highly experienced electrical engineers and groundworkers, so you can be sure that the workplace EV car charger will be installed appropriately. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement these systems into your business without disruption and with your individual requirements in mind. We can provide bespoke solutions to ensure that our services cater to your needs. Use our services and look forward to paving the way to a low-carbon future. If you would like more information, get in touch here.