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Why bespoke business CCTV systems can enhance your business

Why Bespoke Business CCTV Systems Can Enhance Your Business At Whitestar Solutions, we believe that bespoke business CCTV systems are an effective way of harnessing information to drive your company forward and provide an enhanced service to clients. A bespoke CCTV system can benefit and enhance your business in multiple ways – it’s not just about keeping assets safe. Let’s take a closer look at how CCTV security systems for business use automated data capture to provide valuable data insights. You may already use business CCTV security systems to safeguard your company. Still, there are several key areas that a surveillance system can be utilised to help business performance over time. REDUCING WASTE AND MAINTENANCE COSTS You may be astonished to learn how many resources and materials are wasted in your company each day. A fully integrated remotely controlled system can be used to reduce energy consumption by impressive amounts saving you money. Whitestar Solutions offers bespoke systems that could reduce energy consumption by up to 76% and maintenance costs by up to 67%. Depending on the nature of your business, a bespoke Whitestar Solution is always a possibility. Landfill sites, for example, are now increasingly using bespoke business CCTV systems as a way of improving logistics and reducing error with complex vehicle registration recognition processes. Use an innovative solution to seize back control, save time and costs – more critical than ever in these challenging economic times. KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON STOCK LEVELS Focussing CCTV cameras on warehouse storage areas or retail display shelves can offer a real-time remote view of re-stocking requirements or shortages wherever you are, even if you are away from the workplace. Visual markers on boxes enable cameras to record and store extremely detailed data about stock levels. You can then send this data to software platforms that can be programmed to inform the purchasing team, or automatically trigger the re-ordering of low stock goods. LEARNING ABOUT CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS Bespoke business CCTV systems are increasingly being used in shops for many reasons apart from security. CCTV footage that offers facial recognition, for example, can be used to track where customers head to when in a retail environment, which has the potential to improve store layout. It is possible, for example, to use data to quickly identify high-spending clients so they can be offered preferential treatment such as tailored offers within the store or excellent customer service. A ceiling camera could be used to track the footfall of shoppers across a shop floor, providing valuable insights into how well people respond to shop layouts or promotional signage. KEEPING YOUR TEAM SAFE CCTV not only helps to protect your corporate assets but more importantly, it can help to safeguard the well-being of your staff; the most essential part of your company. OPTIMISING EFFICIENCY Everyone wants to ensure consistent quality, output and performance are maintained at all costs. However, if there is a slowdown or a quality control issue, CCTV security systems for business can help leaders and managers to quickly identify and areas of weakness and address them appropriately and promptly. ENHANCED SECURITY Business security is often seen as an unnecessary expense and eventually implemented as a reactionary measure in response to a crime, rather than installed in a pre-emptive and planned manner. Unfortunately, this can be hugely problematic for many businesses. Burglaries and the theft of sensitive documents can spell ruin for a fledgeling company. Implementing security measures that suit your business should always be a priority, to prevent issues, reduce their impact, and help resolve them. It may also be essential to ensure compliance with legislation, or for the terms and conditions of your insurance. From fixed CCTV cameras and Pan-Tilt-Zooms to fully integrated, remote systems, we are on hand to explain all possible options, help identify the right solution for your requirements and offer complete equipment demonstration, ensuring you understand capabilities of the product and the optimal security benefits immediately. If you need to restrict access to authorised personnel, we offer an extensive range of security solutions, from complex networks to standalone single door controllers. There is also the ability to connect more doors to your access control, as well as a replacement key system. Our solutions can be used in all buildings and organisations, large or small. Whitestar Solutions offers the flexibility of access control, with the convenience of managing security over a standard computer network. The key regulation differences between legacy buildings vs new buildings and why you should care The key regulation differences between legacy buildings vs new buildings and why you should care To rewire or not to rewire is the big question when it comes to an older – or what we refer to as ‘legacy’ – building. The short-but-inconclusive answer is: it depends. When wiring a new building – be it school block, hospital ward or office block – the process is relatively straightforward. You need to build to regulations, with cables which are up to the job and don’t pose a fire hazard. As per our blog post on the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), every power, data and telecommunication cable that is intended to be permanently installed in a construction works now must display a CE-marked label and have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) drawn up and made available. SHOULD YOU REWIRE YOUR LEGACY BUILDING? Legacy buildings aren’t subject to the CPR in the same way that new buildings are. If the cabling in the building isn’t posing any health and safety risk – and isn’t hampering operations in any way – it doesn’t have to be ripped out and rewired with CE-marked cabling. But that isn’t to say you shouldn’t do a complete rewire anyway. As we said, it depends. So, what does it depend on? If your building has undergone any recent damage, or there are lights and sockets that have ceased to function as normal, then these are signs that the building needs to be rewired. Damage to the casing of wires can be
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Total Cabling Solutions and Cable Dynamics Rebrand to form Whitestar Solutions

Total Cabling Solutions and Cable Dynamics Rebrand to form Whitestar Solutions Exciting new name and look signals start of next chapter for Whitestar Solutions. Monday 2nd March 2020: Total Cabling Solutions and Cable Dynamics, specialists in supplying data and electrical installation solutions to B2B clients, have completed a major brand refresh and launched under a single new company name – Whitestar Solutions. The two companies merged in 2018, but continued to work under their respective brands. The new launch aims to give them a more unified, stronger, and recognisable presence. Together they have over 47 years of industry experience.  Since the merger, they have continued to grow and develop and have now come to the stage where they need the brand to connect with what services they are offering. This brand refresh serves to better visually represent the company’s established market position, as well as its core values of respect, honesty, commitment, teamwork, empathy and integrity, in every aspect of its operations. “At a stage where we want to accelerate growth and are often competing with larger companies, we felt we had outgrown the current image,” says John English, CEO of Whitestar.  “We’re continually looking to build a robust management team, growing the skillset within and we felt the time was right to update our original branding to something that better reflects who we are today, rather than who we were at the beginning of our journey. Our new company name and brand refresh gives us a powerful new platform from which to launch the next chapter in Whitestar’s history.” University of West London St Mary’s Road Campus Project Rail Operating Centre Brand Rex 10GPlus F/FTP (Category 6A) Cabling Solution installed at newly built Rail Operating Centre in the Midlands. London Business School Whitestar keeps students, staff and visitors safe at London Business School with comprehensive electrical testing, maintenance and certification. Whitestar’s values: Our promise to you Whitestar’s values: Our promise to you There are lots of buzzwords in business. ‘Core values’ are not among them. Company values matter. They support an organisation’s purpose, enforce its culture, and encourage positive employee behaviours. This sense of purpose is key to business success. Corporate core values impact not just the internal workings of an organisation, but also how it interacts with its clients, stakeholders and the world around it. According to research, 73% of purpose-oriented people are satisfied with their jobs, compared to 64% of those who are not purpose-oriented. In terms of the bottom line, the same study found that 58% of companies with a clear purpose experienced growth of more than 10%, compared to 42% of companies without one. In short, strong company values help a business grow, thrive and be a success. OUR CORE VALUES To the untrained eye, Whitestar might seem like any other electrical installation company. But look a little closer and it’s clear we’re much more than that. We continually work to be the most ethical, trustworthy business partner to our clients and pride ourselves on our strong work ethic. Central to our purpose are our core values: – Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We value differences and encourage others to express themselves. We work hard to nurture long-lasting relationships with our customers, colleagues and communities. – Honesty: We speak the truth. Our team acts with integrity, honesty and reliability. We operate transparently by communicating openly and with sincerity. – Commitment: We always deliver on our commitments and hold ourselves accountable to them. We make quality our priority and seek solutions to problems. – Teamwork: Our company is made up of incredible people, but it’s only by working as a team that we achieve greatness. We foster teamwork and collaboration across the whole team and with our customers. – Empathy: We understand the importance of listening and understanding different perspectives. We put ourselves in other people’s shoes, because in the competitive corporate world, empathy and kindness go a long way. – Integrity: Integrity is our default and we do what’s best for our customers and our company. We’re honest in all our dealings – building trust, acting honourably, and being our true selves. OUR PROMISE TO YOU Just as every business has core values, they also have a mission. The common goal that all employees – from the boardroom to the frontline – work towards. Here’s a summary of our mission and our seven key promises to you: We never cut corners We never compromise on quality We provide the best qualified people for your project We put people before profit We use our expertise to advise on the best solutions We add value to your business We provide sustainable solutions for the long-term success of your business At Whitestar, our friendly and highly skilled team of experts takes pride in designing and delivering quality solutions. Yes, we’re expert network installers, supplying data and electrical installation solutions, but we’re so much more than that. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow. How to make your infrastructure project a success Ensuring that your infrastructure is reliable and secure is essential to your business’ productivity. Read more to see how Whitestar can help. Why customer service is key in today’s day and age Why customer service is key in today’s day and age Any business worth its sale knows the importance of providing a quality customer experience. And the best way to achieve that? Providing great customer service. Actually, not just great customer service. Exceptional customer service. Happy customers mean loyal customers. The better their experience working with a company, the more likely they are to come back. Anything less than amazing customer service and businesses risk losing customers forever. MAKING THE BEST IMPRESSION It’s more than just meeting the needs and expectations of customers – businesses need to exceed them. First impressions matter. But so too do second, third, fourth and fifth impressions. In fact, every customer service interaction is key to future success (and sales). The stats prove it: according to research, 96% of consumers say that

They have a ‘can-do’ attitude which, as a customer, puts my mind at ease – I know they will do everything they can to deliver a project for me.

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