Rail Operating Centre (Midlands)

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July 20, 2015



About This Project

Cable Dynamics were employed directly by Network Rail to install a Brand Rex 10GPlus F/FTP (Category6A) Cabling Solution at a newly built Rail Operating Centre in the Midlands.

The building has a planned 75 year life span, so with this in mind the project required a fully flexible system, able to cope with future moves and changes for many years to come.

We installed a total of 4351 10GPlus cables; consisting of 3551 Outlets to Desk and 800 Cabinet to Cabinet Links. Each Control Desk had a total of 22 Outlets, being fed from 6 different cabinets located in 2 different Comms Rooms for complete diversity, enabling disaster recovery if ever required.

The Fibre backbone was also installed with diversity, utilising different risers and cable routes between the Control Floor Comms Rooms and the Server Rooms located on other floors within the building.

  • 3551 Brand Rex 10GPlus Outlets

  • 800 Brand Rex 10GPlus Cabinet to Cabinet Links

  • 18 No. 24-Core OM4 Fibres

  • 4 No. 50-Pair 1308 Links

  • 6 No. 100-Pair 1308 Links

  • 6 No. 108a Double Verts

  • 35 No. 42u 800 x 1000 Prism Enclosures

  • 4 No. 42u 800 x 1000 2-Part Co-Location Prism Enclosures

Network Rail Building
Cabling installation