University of West London (Future Campus)

Project Name

St Mary's Road Future Campus Project


July 20, 2015



About This Project

Willmott Dixon are behind the redevelopment of the St Mary’s Road site in Ealing, part of the University of West London’s £50 million Future Campus Project

We were awarded the project in June 2014, and are contracted directly to Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd (Hitchin).

Whitestar Solutions Work

Whitestar Solutions original scope was to install 1290 Brand Rex Cat6Plus U/UTP Outlets for Data, CCTV and Wireless, within 5 buildings at the Ealing Campus.

As with all refurbishment projects, it has come with it challenges, and changes!

The first building to be refurbished was the Hospitality Block, which was originally scoped to be a tidy up of the existing Category 5e cabling, along with the addition 70 new where required within a 6 week programme. Upon closer inspection of the existing infrastructure, it was agreed with Willmott Dixon and the University of West London that it wasn’t up to the standards required to meet the Future Campus Project. After a quick re-design of the Comms Room and containment, and the complete strip-out of the building, we installed a new Brand Rex Cat6Plus Cabling System totalling 882 Outlets, still within the 6 week programme!

Next came the refurbishment of A and B Blocks for the University’s new Library Space, scoped at 787 Cat6Plus Outlets, which soon changed to 2010 Outlets, being served from 4 new purpose built Comms Rooms!

The Heartspace was the new building, which linked everything together, in which we have installed 464 Brand Rex Cat6Plus Outlets, fed from 3 different Comms Rooms.

The latest part of the project has been the Teaching Centre, which is a tidy up of the existing Category 5e Infrastructure over the summer of 2015.

In total we have installed;

  • 3494 Brand Rex Cat6Plus Outlets

  • 10 No. 24-Core OM3 Fibres

  • 6 No. 20-Pair 1308 Links

  • 26 No. Prism Enclosures

The main project is a new building called Heartspace that connects with five existing buildings that are also being updated.

Heartspace, with its four-storey atrium cascading natural light throughout the building delivers the ‘Wow’ factor for the University.

The refurbished buildings that connect to Heartspace include a new library, refectory and bookshop.

Importantly, this work was delivered in a live environment, with students and staff on site, which was carefully managed by Willmott Dixon.