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Hoare Laboratory

About This Project

Whitestar were contracted by Hoare Laboratories to redesign the electrical and data infrastructure of the laboratories of one of their clients, LabGenius, a biopharmaceutical company based in Bermondsey, London.

  • 23 new electrical circuits installed within 4 laboratories, including in supplying new air conditioning supplies.
  • 5 new 3m power poles with sockets feeding new desk layouts.
  • 1440m of cat 6 installed back to local data cabinets to build up the data infrastructure.
  • 72 new data outlets & replaced existing data modules and tested all network cables throughout 4 Laboratories.


Hoare Laboratories are a long-established family firm who provide a full range of laboratory products and services, including laboratory design. Their professional, comprehensive approach sees them advising on, and supporting the building of, high-quality laboratories across the UK.

Whitestar Solutions were contracted to support on a laboratory build, helping to provide electrical and data cabling, ensuring that the client, LabGenius, had a fully functional laboratory, complete with the peace of mind that all cabling had been professionally managed.

LabGenius are renowned pioneers in medical science, by combining biology with cutting-edge machinery, they use AI to accelerate the discovery of advance medicines, such as therapeutic antibodies. It’s essential that they have consistent access to both their network and functional electrics – without both, they are unable to operate. 



Hoare Laboratory needed to ensure that the electrical and data infrastructure in the building was bulletproof, as this would not only affect LabGenius, but also four other clients who also worked on the premises. 

Hoare Laboratory understood this, and so turned to our electrical and data cabling experts at Whitestar for support.



When approaching any unfamiliar building, it’s important that our team gains a complete understanding of the situation.

We thoroughly combed through the building designs, and conducted a comprehensive site survey, which allowed us to identify the best supply routes and create a programme of works that ensured we remained within their deadline. 

This also included factoring in specific manufacturers’ demands from the client (which we went out of our way to procure). 

Our approach was threefold:

  • We used over 20 new electrical supplies inside the labs
  • We installed and ran through new metallic containment
  • We also moved existing electrical and data fittings to new locations

All of this was completed quickly and well within the client’s required timeframe.



Hoare Laboratories trusted Whitestar with a mission critical job – without the electrical and data cabling in place, the whole build would have fallen apart.

Our experts worked quickly and efficiently, ensuring that deadlines were met, the work was completed to the highest standard, and all of the client’s unique demands were fulfilled.

We have a fantastic relationship with Hoare Laboratories, one that has continued for years. They deliver the highest-quality laboratory design and build service in the UK, and by partnering with Whitestar, they ensure that there are no electrical or data hiccups during, or after, their installation process.

This good relationship makes it far easier for them when planning works, as they know that we will deliver on time, will keep any installation looking neat and presentable, and will ensure compliance to the latest standard codes of practice.

Looking for an electrical/data cabling specialist to partner with? Look no further than Whitestar Solutions.

We partner with businesses up and down the UK. Our partners rely on us to get the job done right first time, no compromises.

To learn more, or if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists today.




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