Condition Report

The main purpose of the Condition Report is to detect so far as is reasonably practicable and to report on any factors impairing the safety of an electrical installation. The aspects to be covered as stated in Regulation 621.2 include all of the following:

  • Safety of persons and livestock against the effects of electric shock and burns

  • Protection against damage to property by fire and heat arising from an installation defect

  • Confirmation that the installation is not damaged or deteriorated so as to impair safety

  • Identification of installation defects and departures from the requirements of BS 7671 that may give rise to danger

BS 7671 requires that a Condition Report be issued following the in-service periodic inspection and testing of an electrical installation. The report is required to include details of the extent of the installation and of any limitations (including the reasons for these limitations) of the inspection and testing, together with a record of the inspection and the results of testing. A separate report is required for each distinct installation examined. The report provides a formal declaration that, within stated and agreed limitations, the details recorded, including the observations and recommendations and the completed schedules of inspection and test results, give an accurate assessment of the electrical installation.

The Condition Report is, as its title indicates, a report and not a certificate. It relates to an assessment of the in-service condition of an electrical installation against the requirements of BS 7671:2018 irrespective of the age of the installation. The criteria for assessing the compliance of each part of an older installation with BS 7671 are, therefore, the same as for new installation work.

5 Year Periodic Inspection

The EICR has been advised due to the 5-year periodic inspection and test coming up to its 5 year cut off, We assume the current installation has been energised for some time and therefore attention needs to be given during the inspection process to assessing the condition of the installation in respect of:

  • Safety

  • Corrosion

  • Wear and Tear

  • Damages and deterioration

  • Excessive loading

  • Age

  • External Influences

  • Asbestos fuse carriers (predated fuse boards)

Please note. depending on the age of the installation any Asbestos found within distribution boards will automatically result in an instant failure and the correct proceedings must be put in place to remove all contaminated items safely.

Any defects will be coded as follows. Any Code 1’s, Code 2’s or Further Investigation present will result in an unsatisfactory report being issued.

Code 1

‘Danger present’. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action will be actioned at the time of testing.

Code 2

‘Potentially dangerous’. Urgent remedial action required.

Code 3

‘Improvement recommended’. Installation may not comply to current standards but is okay for continued use.


‘Further investigation needed’. A fault within the installation but cannot fully identify

Schedule of testing

  • Continuity of circuit protective conductors

  • Continuity of main and supplementary equipotential bonding conductors

  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors

  • Insulation resistance

  • Polarity

  • Earth electrode resistance

  • Earth fault loop impedance

  • Verification of phase sequence

  • Functional test of RCDs

  • Functional test of circuit breakers, isolators and switching devices

  • Verification of voltage drop

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